She Hacks

Australia's first all-female hackathon, She Hacks, was held over the weekend in Melbourne and Sydney. It was amazing! There were 11 teams in each city that created an MVP and pitched it on Saturday afternoon. Thank you to all our attendees, mentors, volunteers and sponsors! Thank you to Yishan Chan Photography for the great photos.

She Hacks Melbourne


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Silver SponsorsIn Melbourne we matched everyone into teams of 3 based on their strengths. Each team had a hipster, hustler and hacker, this was based on the idea of the Dream Team. I decided this would be perfect for She Hacks because our community group, Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne, is a very diverse community of women with different skills and experiences. Money made through ticket sales went to One Girl, a non-profit that helps girls get an education in Sierra Leone. It was so amazing to be able to run this hackathon and raise $2000 for One Girl at the same time!

We decided to host She Hacks at Inspire9. I love hosting events at Inspire9, the vibe and atmosphere is always amazing. Nathan, Melina and all of the community managers have done a great job making Inspire9 a wonderful co-working space. Thanks for having us i9!


She Hacks Melbourne : Day 1

We kicked off She Hacks Melbourne with a welcome talk from me, you can check that out on YouTube. We were then joined by a group of inspiring speakers who each gave a 5min lightning talk. A big thanks to our lightning talk speakers; Jason Cormier, Georgie Batt, Michelle Matthews, Erica Smith and Susan Wu. The talks were so inspiring and inspire9 was buzzing with energy!


We did a quick networking activity where everyone had to find the members of their team. Everyone got into their groups and then had time to pitch ideas to their team while they enjoyed their Gingham & Grass picnic dinner (Thanks for the picnics Mashery!).


At 9pm all the teams started hacking and we made sure they were all comfortable with plenty of snacks and water to keep hydrated! While everyone was busy working on their projects we had amazing mentors come into the space and assist the teams.



The doors closed at midnight and everyone had a chance to go home and have a rest,  a few of the attendees said they dreamt about their projects and got some great ideas while they were resting.

She Hacks Melbourne : Day 2

Everyone came back to Inspire9 at 9am and we all ate a delicious healthy breakfast together (thanks REA Group!). The energy was great on Saturday and everyone was working hard to finish their MVPs for pitching at 4pm.


To make sure everyone was looking after their bodies and taking healthy breaks we had a yoga session in the morning. This was a great chance to get away from laptops, have a stretch and take some time to gain clarity.


Gingham and Grass picnics at lunch were a great way to eat delicious food and practice pitches at the same time (thanks again Mashery!).

picnic rug


At 4pm we were joined by judges, family, friends and sponsors. All the teams had 3min to share what they had been working on. The pitches were fantastic, it was amazing to see what everyone was able to create in such a short time.



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Congratulations to all the attendees and the winning teams!

Grand Prize Winner Garage Sales Map


Runner-Up Winner Wake Up Dress Up

runner up

Social Good Prize Winner OneStopRecycle

social good

The inspire9 team has created a video of the She Hacks pitches and the winning teams, check it out:

We wrapped up She Hacks with delicious cupcakes, cakes and coconut water! Everyone received a She Hacks Gift Bag with gifts from REA Group, RMIT, Mashery, Recreate Web and CoinJar.


Thank you to everyone who helped us with She Hacks, it was a fantastic experience and we can't wait to do it all again next year!

There are loads of great hacakthons, meetups and events happening throughout the year, sign up to The Fetch so that you don't miss out.

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She Hacks Sydney

Check out Daphne Chong's blog for info on She Hacks Sydney!

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