Moving to the US for work

I moved to the US a few months ago for work. I packed up all my things, said goodbye to my family and friends and moved over by myself. That was a pretty huge thing to do. I have wanted to live and work in the US for 5 years and I'm really glad to have finally come over.

I love it over here. I love working at DigitalOcean, I have made so many awesome friends and I’m learning something new everyday.

I did an interview about my move with Bronwyn from StartupSmart, you can read that over here:

I posted the other day on our Girl Geek community offering to help other Australian women get over here for work if they want to. I’m helping a few awesome women right now! If you are keen just let me know <3

Here are some of my key awesome highlights from my first 3 months in the US:

  • All the awesome sharks I work with
  • WeWork Summer Camp
  • Extreme Funning
  • Attending the Maker Faire in Queens
  • Judging TechCrunch HackDisrupt in San Francisco and presenting DigitalOcean prizes to the winners
  • Running my first workshop in the US with NYC Geekettes, it was on Cloud Infrastructure
  • Judging the Girl Develop IT hackathon
  • Judging HackRU and teaching students how to hack
  • Exploring NYC
  • Occasionally losing my Australian accent when I say words like “card" and “really”
  • Making time to hack on personal projects, I made a Twilio app and a Pebble app
  • Most people know I love hardcore, punk rock, metal, thrash, metalcore etc etc. So living in NYC and being able to get along to NYHC shows and see bands I love play for $15 blows my mind. I've seen Sick of it all, H2O and Wisdom in Chains so far.
  • Ginger Joos shot
  • We ran She Makes over the weekend and it was hugely successful! We sold double our initial capacity and actually increased our catering order because we had so many dropins... we had 70 people in total!

What am I excited about?

  • Continuing to build a cloud infrastructure experience that developers love!
  • Attending MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group) in Boston later this month with Zach
  • Hosting a Ruby on Rails workshop at DigitalOcean next week for NYC Geekettes
  • I'm working on a screencast for CodeSchool <3
  • Learning Golang
  • Visiting some nearby countries and increasing the count of countries I've been to (19!)

I've done so many things over the last few months that I have dreamed of doing for years! Love it <3