Wellesley College Hackathon #CAMPWHACK

A few weeks ago at Dropbox, Laurie Kim asked if I would like to be a mentor at a hackathon being held at Wellesley College. Last year I attended around 6 hackathons as a mentor and they were all great experiences.

Laurie asked if Kelsey Fix and I would like to go along as mentors, and also introduced us to Christine Keung who works at Dropbox and started the Whacks hackathon at Wellesley :) Christine was excited for us to all go and participate in the event.


7 years ago I went to my first hackathon at Google Sydney and used an API for the first time (Google Maps JavaScript API). In 2014 I did my first ever API demo at TechCrunch Disrupt thanks to DigitalOcean.

Now in 2016 I was so happy to have the opportunity to volunteer my weekend teaching young engineers how to use the Dropbox API!

I work full-time as an Engineering Manager at Dropbox and I’ve always believed that skilled volunteering is important. I aim to do skilled volunteering 1-2 weeks a year and distribute my time across a variety of events. I think hackathons are an awesome way for students to learn valuable skills quickly and I’m happy to participate as a mentor.

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