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July, 2017

GopherCon 2017
Dropbox Reliability and Durability

I did the opening keynote at GopherCon 2017:

June, 2017

QCon New York
Chaos & Resilience Track

I was a track host at QCon New York 2017. I created the "Chaos & Resilience" track with speakers from Netflix, Twilio, Dropbox, Betterment and Comcast.

Track info and an interview with me about the track are here: https://qconnewyork.com/ny2017/ny2017/track/chaos-resilience.html

June, 2017

Velocity San Jose
Chaos Engineering Bootcamp

In June I taught a solo 3 hour hands-on chaos engineering workshop. There were 200 engineers in the audience following along.

Here are my slides: https://speakerdeck.com/tammybutow/chaos-engineering-bootcamp

Here is the talk info: https://conferences.oreilly.com/velocity/vl-ca/public/schedule/detail/58140

March, 2017

Google Cloud Platform Podcast
Google Cloud Next Conference

Francesc and Mark invited me to speak on the Google Cloud Next podcast.

We spoke about SRE, the future of SRE and I shared my thoughts on Google's new CRE (Customer Reliability Engineer) role.

Listen to the podcast here:

September, 2016

Dropbox Database Infrastructure
O'Reilly Velocity New York

Dropbox was founded by engineers, and the ethos of technical innovation is fundamental to its culture. Dropbox’s Databases team of SREs manage thousands of MySQL servers, which requires a deep understanding of MySQL, automation, Linux, Python, hardware, performance tuning, monitoring, and reliability. Dropbox has grown enormously since launching in 2008, surpassing 500 million sign-ups and 500 petabytes of user data. To give a sense of the incredible growth it’s experienced, Dropbox had only about 40 petabytes of user data in 2012. In the four years since, it has seen over 12x growth. Tammy Butow offers an overview of how Dropbox database infrastructure has scaled.

Topics include:

  • Laying the foundations: where did it all begin?
  • Improving the flying rocket ship: building automation tools, performance tuning, reliability tools and testing, and Dropbox’s dedicated storage infrastructure
  • How Dropbox sets its Databases team up for success
  • Where Dropbox is headed next: automation and tooling, Python and Go at Dropbox, MySQL 5.7, and continuous curiosity

This talk was presented at O'Reilly Velocity New York.

Read: http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/en/assets/1/event/159/Dropbox%20database%20infrastructure%20Presentation.pdf


June, 2016

Database Monitoring at Dropbox

This talk was presented at Monitorama.
Watch: https://vimeo.com/173607649

0 to 100 days — Running DRTs at Dropbox
QCon New York

Thomissa Comellas shares her experiences developing and rolling out new Disaster Recovery Testing techniques at Dropbox. Tammy Butow shares how her team runs DRTs and has implemented the techniques Comellas has evangelized.

This talk was presented at QCON NY on the Antifragile Track.

Watch: https://www.infoq.com/presentations/dropbox-drt

February, 2016

Site Reliability Engineering at Dropbox
Linux Conf Au

This talk was presented at Linux Conf Au.
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggizCjUCCqE

Dropbox Database Infrastructure
Linux Conf Au

This talk was presented at Linux Conf Au.
Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71VryWiEw2A

July, 2015

Linux Bootcamp: From casual Linux user to kernel hacker
O'Reilly OSCON

A hands-on workshop aimed at those who are casually familiar with the Linux operating system. Perhaps you use it on a server or in a virtualbox, but want to gain deeper understanding about the kernel and how Linux actually works.

Participants will leave with enough skills to build and run their own custom kernel as well as build and load their own kernel modules. They will feel confident navigating themselves around the Linux file system, understand files and processes, the boot process, and be able to run many useful shell commands. More advanced topics will also be covered, such as understanding namespaces, system calls, and using strace for debugging.

This talk was presented at O'Reilly OSCON.

Watch: https://www.safaribooksonline.com/library/view/oscon-2015-complete/9781491927991/part133.html

June, 2012

Fantastic Forms for mobile web
Web Directions Code

This was when HTML5 was brand new. In 2012 I built the first in-house Mobile App for the National Australia Bank on a small team of two engineers. This app was to process foreign exchange trades aka FOREX. I was spending a large amount of time hacking on HTML5, built a ton of apps, and became a judge for a Google Developers competition the same year.

This talk was presented at Web Directions Code in Australia. It was my first external talk to a large audience (500+ attendees).

I have long felt the pain of performance and it drew me further and further down the stack. All the way down to rackin' and stackin' in datacenters to understand how I could create reliable and high performance services.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PZvM9MbSo8